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A downloadable game for Windows

Made as part of the GameMaker's Toolkit 48hr Game Jam

Theme is about dual purpose design

BoltHead is a wave defense game where a central battery must be defended from attackers.

Using a bolt of electricity, the player can jump up and hover. In addition to gaining height, the bolt charges the ground directly below. 

Increasing the charge allows for a number of things, firstly the player can hover higher (allowing larger foes to be attacked from above), secondly enemies are slowed down, and thirdly it unlocks the zapper gun.

Both the zapper gun and downwards bolt can be used to either charge ground or damage enemies. They can also be used interchangeably to gain more power when pointed at the central battery, however this risks depleting the battery entirely, losing the game.

Could do with some wave balancing in a future update to make the game a bit tougher as rounds progress, not bad however for 48 hours I think.

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Published 5 days ago
Tagsbolt, bolthead, gmtk, lightning

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Please run the executable file from the zip  once downloaded


Download (16 MB)

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